Bob's Java Kite

By way of explanation...

Stunt kites are flown with two lines. In the most basic of maneuvers, they control the steering of the kite, either clock-wise or counter-clockwise. As those of you who fly know, there are many other ways to influence the flight of a kite but this basic simulation is designed to simply steer the kite.

Click the image. With the mouse button up and the mouse in the center of the blue background, the kite will fly straight. The kite will turn clockwise if the mouse postion is right of center. The farther off center, the more radical the turn. The same is true for counter-clockwise and left of center. Holding the left mouse button down will freeze the steering.

Advanced flyers will note that they can get a stall by pushing, that is sliding the mouse up. By pulling down, the kite will speed up. The physics model is brain dead but this is only a toy anyhow!

This kite simulation runs in Java. Things will be very dull without a Java browser.  Try for a download.